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From a team member

Anna is a great leader in the field of Web Design and inspires both myself and the department to work to their potential. She managers her specific team, department and inter-department relations exceptionally well and understands each individual’s motivation. A true pleasure to work under and an overall great web designer, artist and manager.

Elaine founder of BiteSmart

Media Heroes have been an absolute pleasure to work with, I seriously cannot rave about them enough. I had a serious of bad luck with web companies, but Media Heroes restored my faith in the Industry. They are a bunch of seriously talented individuals who care deeply about their clients wishes/concerns and business needs The Head Designer, Anna Green, is extremely talented, patient and will be 100% honest with you. Media Heroes is a company that you can Trust, take it from someone who knows, that is a rare quality in Web Companies. They will put your and your business needs first. Awesome Awesome Awesome company.


Media Heroes are certainly super heroes when it comes to website design! Media Heroes spent time with us and took the direction of our organisation and created an exceptional web site that generates heaps of traffic and constantly receives pleasing feedback. From the very start we were impressed with their unique approach and design knowledge. Media Heroes were always approachable and accommodating, the whole team was very friendly and our sometimes silly questions were always answered promptly and respectfully. Media Heroes were always offering design solutions that met our needs and expectations. The after sales service has also been amazing and the training manual they created specifically for us is very helpful and easy to understand. Thanks everyone at Media Heroes, you have created a site we find easy to use and are very proud to promote!

How to be happy

So everyone has at some point wondered what the keys to happiness are, and iv done a bit of thinking and reading about it too. It turns out its not that complicated.

The first part is your genes, your either a happy person or your not. The second part is making sure you produce dopamine on a regular basis. What produces dopamine? Well there are a many things that produce dopamine but the main ones are exercise and interaction with other people.

This explains why seemly unhappy third world countries actually have higher reports of happiness, because they work long hard hours at labour intense jobs and have close families and communities. They are also not chasing the dream and placing their hopes for happiness on the acquisition of money.

Another way of producing dopamine is to achieve regular “flow”. What is flow? Flow is the mental sate achieved when doing an activity that absorbs your attention and immerses you in action, such as art, music or sport.

If you can have a career that allows you to have a regular state of flow and that pays you well enough for you to not worry about money you will be, in general a happier person.

Keys to happiness:

  1. Have a job that allows “flow” and pays you enough to not worry about money
  2. Have a hobby or sport. If your hobby is a sociable and allows for flow, perfect!
  3. Have a close social network, its quality over quantity
  4. Do exercise, even if it’s just a brisk walk to the bus stop each morning
  5. Mix things up, take a different route to work, put your hand up for projects at work and seek out new experiences with people.
  6. Finally certain meditation practises can produce dopamine. One in particular being Compassion Meditation

I recommend watching the documentary Happy which is where I have pulled of of these ideas from.